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It Happened HereDecember 9, 2015

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


Ada Huelsman and Dr. F.W. Schroeder were installed as worthy matron and worthy patron of the Order of Eastern Star.

J.C. Maier suffered burns on the face and hands when kerosene exploded.

H.E. Brink’s advertised sweaters at 59 cents each.

At the local grocery store, patrons could buy 100 pounds of Morton salt for 95 cents and Jell-O was 17 cents for three packages.

Deaths: Lydia Hoffman, 47, of Irvington; and Tabitha Cantrell of Okawville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Three northern Illinois men were caught shortly after they robbed the Irvington Post Office of $175 at gunpoint.

Washington County’s first selectee under the compulsory Selective Service System was rejected because of bad teeth.

Robert Day was nominated for appointment as a cadet at the Military Academy in West Point.

Harry Muenter was elected president of Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Hahne and Hileman advertised living room suites for Christmas from $49.95 and up.

Elmer Hardekopf, 14, of Sandoval, formerly of Nashville, died of injuries received when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle.

Other deaths: Elizabeth Adams of Oakdale; Eliza Baldridge, postmistress; Georgia Driskill of Beaucoup; and Phillip Heintz of Darmstadt.

Seventy Years Ago


Fire destroyed the Ugo Evischi residence south of Centralia.

Servicemen discharged were T/5 E.L. Miller; Pvt Sidney Hale; Sgt. Norman Riechman; S 2/C Elwin Emrick; Pvt. Joseph Mangenalker; T/5 Leon Piechota; Staff Sgt. Norvin Rueter; E/5 Adolph Sprehe; S 1/C Henry Ibendahl; S 1/C Robert French; Paul Haake; Bobbie Lowery, USN; Staff Sgt. Hugo Boecklen Jr.; Aviation Cadet Arthur Koetting Jr.; Pvt. Walter Bargiel; and T/5 Elroy Borrenpohl.

Deaths: William “Coonie” Witte of New Minden; Charles Nottmeyer of Irvington; and Steve Barciszewski, a native of DuBois.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Ted Machin was named director of civilian defense for the City of Nashville.

Elsie Borowiak was crowned queen of the Nashville High School carnival.

Orlie Hendricks was the new Missouri-Illinois Railroad station manager in Nashville, having been transferred from Hoyleton.

Deaths: L. Hedermann of Venedy.

Sixty Years Ago


Rev. John Terepka was appointed pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church in Radom.

Seniors on the high school honor roll were Sue Banks, Donald Sabbert, Judie Teel, George Reinhardt, Delbert Rueter, Lorene Haun, Doris Twenhafel, Shirley Koelling, Sylvia Junge, Viola Sprehe, Sue Wilkey, Phillis Edwards, Shelby Hermeling, Mary Jane Lamczyk, Carole Lathrop, Mary Meyer, Roland Jones, Dorothy Krueger, Joan Pierjok, Henry Zacheis and Darlene Schmidt.

Honor roll students at Ashley were George Glazik, Nancy Kretz, Joyce Hogshead, Emma Setzekorn and Martha Vaughn.

“Seven Year Itch” with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell was showing at the local theatre.

Deaths: William Lange, a native of Addieville; and Henry Erb of Darmstadt.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Jean Toedte, a sophomore music major at the University of Illinois, was featured soloist for the chamber choir on their tour.

Census figures showed Washington County’s population dropped from 1950 to 1960 by 891. Only Okawville and Nashville Townships showed population increases.

Deaths: Anton Sommer of Mascoutah and Louis Schlimme of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago


Burglars pried open a window at the post office in Nashville, but were unable to open the safe after badly damaging it.

A small tornado ripped the roof off the patients’ wing of the Washington County Hospital in Nashville. The storm also wrecked the garage of George Hemminghaus.

Trees fell on gravestones in Nashville cemeteries, and left storm damage to many homes in the area.

Deaths: Emma Kraus, 79, of Okawville; John Smalley, 93, of Woodlawn; Ida Sommers, 71, of Nashville; David Ackerman Jr., 20, of Nashville; Mary Frances Kujawa, 77; Alice Scott of New Minden; Albert Wilson, 75, of Ashley; Joseph Wisniewski, 54, of Nashville; Frank Engelmann, 88, of Addieville; Josephine Lehr, 76, of Biddleborn; Stephen “Tuck” Pokorney, 64, of St. Louis; and Robert Milikin, 58, of Pinckneyville.

Forty-Five Years Ago


U.S. Government rain gauger Doyle Cohlmeyer measured only 1.65 inches of rainfall in Washington County during November.

Dr. and Mrs. C.W. Longwell presented a $10,000 pledge to William Backs and Albert Dreas of the Washington County Hospital Fund Drive.

Army Spec. 5 Stephen Clark of Nashville received the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service as a repairman.

Deaths: Steve Paszkiewicz, 68, of Nashville; Rosa Sanders, 73, of Belleville; Melvin Kelle, 61, of St. Louis; Willadean Kraus, 41, of Okawville; Joseph Frank Novak, 30, of Spanish Lake, MO; and Elvis Bartle, 90, of Pinckneyville.

Forty Years Ago


A dedication and open house for the Nashville Community High School building addition was held with an estimated crowd of 600 to 700 people in attendance.

The barbers of Nashville advertised haircuts for $2.75.

Deaths: Chris Becker, 77, of Addieville; Charlie Dintelman, 85, of Elkton; Frances Mendel, 70, of Nashville; Rev. Walter Symank, 61, of Highland; Alvin Holston, 71, of Tulsa, OK; Minnie Pommer, 74, of New Minden; John Voelkel, 28, of Twin Falls; Frank Anderjeski, 70, of Centralia; and John Liszewski, 83, of DuBois.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


A nine-inch snowfall blanketed Washington County on Thanksgiving Day.

Fire destroyed a vacant home owned by Norman Moeller in Nashville. Fire also destroyed a barn on the old Sam Meyer farm near Addieville.

Maryann Mode purchased the Charles Hair Emporium in Nashville.

Deaths: Omer Marquard, 55, of Okawville; Paul Martin, 86, of Nashville; Lana Haferkamp, 83, a native of DuBois; Maggie Levendoski, 86, of DuBois; Kathryn Eldridge, 81, of Mt. Vernon; Connie Witkowski, 15, of Scheller; Alpha Ward, 66, of Tamaroa; JoAnn Licata, 46, of Beloit, WI; Deborah Humberson, 23, of Houston, TX; Kenneth Nesbitt, 58, of Venedy; Conrad Juenger, 83, of Darmstadt; James Page, 73, of Napa, CA; and Effie Grewe, 82, of Sterling.

Weddings: Edna Blumhorst and Albert Suedmeyer, and Diane Spenner to Tony Guinzy.

Thirty Years Ago


Stanley and Virginia Coulter retired from Oakdale State Bank after 39 years and 37 years of employment, respectively.

Rayhill Hagist resigned as director of Eagle Bank of Washington County in Nashville and chairman of Eagle Bancorporation, Inc.

Deaths: R.E. Thompson, DC, 70, of Nashville; Erwin Doelling, 82, a native of Stone Church; Joseph Ryterski, 69, of Rice; Carrie Doswald, 84, of Coulterville; Viola Litton, 73, of Fairview Heights; Beulah Eade, 80, of Nashville; Mike Kurwicki, 67, of Nashville; Agnes Stover, 71, of Tamaroa; Ruth Ann Hopkins, 57, of Benton; and John Hopkins, 61, of Benton.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Census figures showed a drop of 529 residents (3.42 percent) since 1980 in Washington County. Total population was set at 14,943.

Lester Campbell of Nashville was named to his ninth consecutive two-year term as chairman of the Washington County Board. Campbell was the only chairman the board has known since it was first organized in 1972.

The City of Nashville agreed to purchase the local VFW building as a new library site. The purchase price was $62,500.

Washington County’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.0 percent in October, a full percentage point below the 8.0 percent recorded in September 1990.

Even though December 3rd passed without incident, and earthquake expert Iben Browning was wrong about there being a disastrous quake on that date, other experts were saying that a big quake on the New Madrid Seismic Zone was always a possibility.

Nashville City Council approved a comprehensive plan update calling for the city to control subdivision growth outside the city limits, but not out the full distance of 1 ½ miles allowed by the state.

Verlin Gibson of Richview grew a pumpkin six feet in diameter and weighing over 100 pounds.

Deaths: Wallace Klingenberg, 66, of Okawville, Erwin Joergens, 82, of Nashville; William “Willie” Newton, 84, of Nashville; Rudie Doelling, 60, of Stone Church; Lela Fisher, 92, of Indianapolis, IN; Jesse McCrary, 65, of Addieville; Archie Skillman, 81, formerly of Ashley; Otto Burrow, 62, of Belleville; Mabel McGraw, 65, of Marissa; and Ida Droege, 88, of St. Louis.

Wedding: Manika Ayers and Matthew Emrick.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Dan DeMoss of O’Fallon, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Boozer of Hoyleton, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guerrieri of Warrenville, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


The county deer harvest was 902, a jump up from 110 the previous year.

Not enough people were using the new NCHS weight room, and the administration was considering closing it to the public.

Washington County Hospital received high marks after a survey by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation.

Construction was underway on the Holzhauer Alexander Ford-Mercury showroom on Route 127.

Mervin Erb sustained nine broken ribs after he was trampled by a bull.

A 1996 Jeep Cherokee was listed at $15,000 at Holzhauer Auto and Truck Sales.

Deaths: Diana Perry, 34, of Damiansville; Thomas Voigt, 48, of Odessa, MO; Frederick Kellerman, 34, of Addieville; Melba Prasuhn, 77, of Nashville; Marcia Lietz, 43, of Beaucoup.

Weddings: Evelyn Borrenpohl and Clint Luehrs; Stacey Doehring and Corey Hoelscher; Allison Ratajczyk and Todd Kujawa.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wojtowicz of Louisville, KY, a son; Mr and Mrs. Luis Rodriguez, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guenzburg of Carlyle, twin sons.

Fifteen Years Ago


After repeated acts of vandalism, Memorial Park Board members voted to close the road that circles the ball diamonds at the local park.

Republicans David Meyer and Marvin Steinkamp were re-elected chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the county board.

As the year drew to a close, rainfall was seven inches above normal.

An electrical malfunction was blamed for a fire that destroyed the Donna Mikesell residence in Beaucoup.

A 24-inch pine wreath was $4.49 at Kesel Hardware.

Deaths: David Jones, 58, of Nashville; Dale Heiman, 62, of Nashville; Leo Kujawa, 83, of DuBois; Alice Moeller, 70, of Nashville; Victor Arning, 83, of Nashville; Ralph Wetzel, 90, of Nashville; Jackie Brandhorst, 68, of Chicago Heights; Merilyn Newman, 70, of Lebanon; Deanna Bard, 32, of Tamaroa; Edwin Linck, 79, of Mascoutah; M. Jean Jones, 58, of Mt. Vernon; Haley Zettler, 13-month old daughter of Bobby and Sarah Zettler of Du Quoin.

Births: Brent and Rebecca Maschhoff of Nashville, a son; Richard and Pauline McCleary of Richview, a son; Charles and Kami Heck of DuBois, a daughter; Todd and Judy Hoepker of Orlando, FL, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


The United Way expanded its charitable operations in Washington County and Michael Kollbaum and Mark Baldwin were named local representatives.

Amy Tomaszewski Maurer of Radom earned the title of professional traffic operations engineers so certified in the state.

A motorcycle and pick-up were damaged when faulty furnace sparked a fire at the James Korte residence in Nashville.

Scotch pine trees were $20 at Alfeldt’s Christmas Trees.

Births: Jeffrey and Danielle Baum of New Minden, a son; Phil and Cari Brunner of Shiloh, a son; Jeff and Jacie Debus of Ballwin, MO, a daughter.

Deaths: Elmer Hermeling, 77, of Tucson, AZ; David “Dawg” Lanham, 48, of Prairie du Rocher; Ralph Hemminghaus, 89, of Sandoval; Kirk Hartley, 43, of Irvington; Luetta Bollmeier, 92, of Marissa; Linda Trudeau, 58, of Merced, CA.

Weddings: Camie Jansen and Dererk Kampwerth; Cassandra Hake and Larry Decker; Trisha Grote and Robert Boehm.

Five Years Ago


Washington County issued $1.3 million in bonds in order to take advantage of a federal program to reimburse interest rates.

Reelected incumbent county offices holders Clerk Tom Ganz, Sheriff Charles Parker and Treasurer Ronda Groennert were all re-sworn into office.

Nashville Native Lt. Col. Paul Brown of the U.S. Air Force had a mission as a pilot helping to transport VIPs.

The Nashville Community High School FFA Chapter won a national Two-Star award.

Births: Max Francis Rankin was born on Nov. 20, to Matthew and Erica (Weihe) Rankin of St. Louis; Graedon Steven Kottmeyer was born on Dec. 2 to Chad and Jesse (Heseman) Kottmeyer of Nashville.

Wedding: Christy Wacker and Bill Funke of New Minden announced their plans for a wedding on New Year’s Eve.

Deaths: Leroy Bartling, 69, of Richview, December 1; Kevin Chwascinski, 41, of Beaucoup, Dec. 2; Sr. Mary Berchmans, 91, formerly of Posen, November 25; Shirley Metcalf, 77, of Odin, Dec. 5