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Ask A PastorDecember 9, 2015

By Rev. Beverly Kahle

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

The question posed, “Is life truly sacred?”

Well, the question is really, “Is human life sacred?” But, I believe for one life to be sacred, all life must be sacred for all life comes from God and it is the touch of God that determines whether something is sacred or not for only God is holy.

In Leviticus 19.2, God tells the Hebrew people exactly that – “Be holy for I, the Lord your God, am holy.”

As God made the earth and all that is in it, he declared it all good. Even in our selfishness and disbelief, God still sees inside of us and treasures us.

God does this even though he realizes that we have a selfish streak that left unchecked separates us from him and one another (Genesis 8.21).

God knows us and still cherishes us.

So, life, all of life is sacred.

Life is that touch of God’s Spirit and breath that comes into us and changes us from just being animated pseudo-creatures to truly living beings.

God’s breath, breathed into us by God’s Spirit causes life to begin. We are called to cherish that life (Genesis 9:4-6) – all life and while we may take life in our need to provide sustenance to our bodies, it should never be taken lightly or indiscriminately, but reverently and with thanksgiving.

As we live in this world filled with violence, I believe we must remember the sacredness of life. Whether it is the unborn child or the convicted murderer or the enemy in combat, life remains sacred.

When life is taken, it comes at a cost. It is that cost that we must always keep in mind and weigh.

Too often, in our world, we forget how all precious life is; not just our life or the lives or our family and friends, but all life has worth.

When we forget the cost of life and the sacredness of life, life becomes cheap and disposable. This leads us to indiscriminate death and destruction.

We have seen the cost when we forget that life is sacred. God gave the gift of life. May we live our lives in such a way that shows how precious and sacred and holy life is so that others may also be moved to cherish it

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