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Ruby Red Jewels Visit Greenview Golf Club

The Ruby Red Jewels met at the Greenview Golf Club in Centralia. The ladies enjoyed the menu at the Fairways Restaurant. All of the items on the menu were listed in golf terms like double bogie, par, handicap, slice, and hazard. The sandwiches were listed and described using those terms. The group found it most entertaining especially since none of them played golf. The sandwiches were very delicious and very large.

During the business meeting, it was decided to have our Christmas Party on December 10 at 11:00am at the Original Springs Hotel. There will be a white elephant gift exchange as well as a ten dollar gift exchange. The gift exchanges are optional. There will be no cookie exchange.

We were reminded of the BCMW bagging of gift baskets for Christmas. We are to help on Monday, December 14 at 9:00am. Also, we were informed of Helen Poirot’s 90th birthday open house. She was one of our members before moving to Litchfield.

The ladies ended their day with yummy frosties at Wendy’s.

Georgine Hawley – May was the hostess for the luncheon at the golf course. She provided Thanksgiving napkins and a turkey center piece filled with Indian corn and turkey feathers which added to the holiday spirit. The ladies attending were: Mary Ann Borowiak, Phyllis Diedrich, Jerri Heggemeier, Judy Heiman, Winona Huckshold, Karen Lunte, Laura Paszkiewicz, Betty Renken, Marge Rensing, Sandy Turner and Ann Wojtowicz.