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Fall Cleanup at the Community GardenMaaster Gardener Scoop

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Fall Cleanup at the Community Garden

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By Janet Klie,

Master Gardener

Can you believe it? Winter is here, summer is gone, and our gardens are done for this year. This was our first year for our Community Garden. The children learned a lot, and so did we. On November 6th, we had a fall cleanup day. We pulled up turnips and picked a lot of different peppers, tomatoes, and three watermelons. The children took all their produce home. Then we proceeded to clean up the garden by putting all the scraps in a compost pile which took about one and one-half hours. Then we had a fall harvest party where we had chili, chicken soup, and all the ‘fixins’ to go with it. While we ate, we all talked about the garden for next year and what we were going to plant new. We also talked about what was our favorite thing we grew this year.

I heard someone say, “radishes, pole beans and wax beans”. Our tomatoes were late, but we planted them very late. We were still picking a lot of tomatoes until the last day. The children took bags full home that day. We will try all of our favorites next year and a few new. The children all want to try again. So do all of our help. Come and join us in January when will have a meeting. Watch the paper for a date. Sharing a bit of knowledge and time would really help us.

We hope the children have learned something. We (all the helpers) have learned a lot and had a good time. I hope we passed on a little kindness and knowledge. I know we made new friends.

Hope to see some of you at our garden next year. Thank you to all who helped in any way, from donations to physical help. Here is hoping we have a good garden next year.

Gertrude Holle and Janet Klie holding one of the last tomatoes to come out of the community garden.