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NCHS Talks Conferences, Relay For Life

NCHS Talks Conferences,
Relay For Life

By Alex Haglund

At the November 16 meeting of the Nashville Community High School board, the board voted to hire Shaun Renth as their varsity softball coach, and Breanne Pelker as an assistant softball coach, as was reported in the last edition of The Nashville News (Page A1, Nov. 18, 2015).

The meeting also had NCHS Principal Brian Pasero reporting to the board on the latest round of parent teacher conferences.

“Most of the comments were very positive,” said Pasero, ”it appears that the staff was very well-prepared, ready to talk about their son’s or daughter’s work and what was expected of them.”

There were 456 letters sent out to parents requesting a conference and 259 conferences were scheduled (280 were held altogether, some parents took the opportunity without scheduling beforehand) but unfortunately, the number of no-shows, 11, was up from last year, when there were only four.

Pasero stated that teachers, “maybe didn’t get to talk to as many parents as they would have hoped to,” but that, “it was still a pretty good turnout.”

Relay For Life

The board began to discuss the idea of having Relay for Life return to NCHS in 2016. When Washington County Relay For Life first began, it was hosted at the high school, but in recent years, the spring fundraiser for the American Cancer Society has been held at Nashville Primary School.

Looking back on the first year NCHS hosted the event, board member Sharon Ogrzewalla said, “it was ridiculous. There what…10 or 12 campers parked out there?”

Other board members stated that there were also large amounts of bicycles, skateboards and rollerskates, and even golf carts moving around on the track.

“It’s changed though,” said Ogrzewalla. The event is no longer an all-night affair, and board members stated that if it were hosted at NCHS, they could ask for a stipulation that the only wheeled vehicles allowed on the track be wheel chairs or strollers.

“I’m comfortable with us allowing it,” said board president Shawn Cook, “provided that it’s ok with the coaches.”

Athletic Director Wayne Harre stated that the track coaches hadn’t yet been asked about the issue, so the board decided to table it until the December meeting. Harre also told the board members that NCHS was hosting boys track sectionals this year, so that could be a conflict, but Washington County Relay for Life has not yet been scheduled so the organization should be able to work around the sports schedule.


The board also voted to approve a certificate of the 2015 payable 2016 tax levy, which contained a 4.82-percent increase over last year’s rate (under 5-percent does not require a Truth in Taxation hearing), and was on first reading at the prior board meeting.

The board has changed the date for their regular January meeting from January 18, Martin Luther King Day and the first night of the boy’s basketball tournament. Now, the meeting will be held the next week, on January 25.