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City Looks To Get Started On Water Plant Work

By Alex Haglund

The City of Nashville is looking at getting some work started at the water treatment plant. At the meeting of the Nashville City Council on Thursday, November 19, the board began steps to have painting done on the clarifiers and pre-treatment tanks at the water plant.

“The price tag is going to be about $160,000,” said council member Doug Hargan.

City Utilities Superintendent Blaine Middleton said that he and several city water plant employees took a walk through the facility along with engineers from Curry and Associates, the city’s engineering firm, to figure out what work would need to be put into the water department improvement plan.

One stumbling block to the plan to paint the tanks and clarifiers was the removal of the (possibly quite brittle) tube settlers in order to paint their supports.

“What we’re planning on is just removing one inner ring for them to do their sandblasting,” said Middleton, who stated that by not pulling and replacing the tube settlers at this point, the city could possibly get 10 more years of life out of them and save about $100,000 on the project.

The council voted to authorize Curry and Associates to seek bids for this project. The council hopes that there is enough time for them to seek the bids and receive them back in order to be able to vote on them by the second of the two December meetings.


The streets department is seeking to rebuild or replace the compacting mechanism on the older of its two packer trucks. The council gave the streets committee its approval to seek bids to repair or rebuild the packer truck.

In other street department news, the council approved doing work on the storm sewer located in front of Friendship Manor, to the tune of about $3,000.

“I think that it’s well worth the money spent,” said Mayor Ray Kolweier.

More improvements, including some concrete being poured, will be carried out on Mill Street, north of Purina. Council members were sure to state that this was not on the highway, Illinois 127, but on Mill Street after it branches off from the state road, to the north of downtown Nashville. Those improvements will run approximately $2,000.


Zoning Superintendent Rich Schuette told the council that there would be a zoning board of appeals meeting for both November and December combined. It will be held on Thursday, December 10 at 7 p.m. A meeting of the city planning commission will be held on the same evening at 7:30 p.m. Both meetings will be held at the Nashville Public Works office, located at 640 N. Kaskaskia St.

Council member Erik Rolf told the council that the city would need to be contacting Baldwin House very soon in order to secure employee health insurance.