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Sierra’s Little Ray Of Sunshine

111815 Sierras Ray of Sunshine C.jpg

Workers put pieces of a playground being built in memory of Sierra Wilder up at Nashville’s Memorial Park.

By Alex Haglund

Sierra Wilder, 14, died last year with members of her family, the Gutzlers, in a plane crash on Jan. 2, 2015.

“She always wanted to do something with kids,” says Sierra’s mother, Jami Lane.

“That’s what she was doing when the plane crashed,” said her great-grandfather, Jim Smith, “She was babysitting her cousins.”

Lane and Smith were talking about Sierra at the site of a new playground at Memorial Park in Nashville, one that they are helping to build, along with other members of the family, in memory of Sierra.

“Sierra really liked watching kids,” said Lane. “This is a way she can still do that.” Lane stated that the playground will be named “Sierra’s Little Ray of Sunshine.”

The initial stage of the playground will be completed this week, and Lane has a small dedication ceremony that is being planned with the date and time to be announced shortly.

The playground is for smaller children, but Lane says that she hopes to expand it to the west in the future and add on equipment suitable for older kids as well.