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West Washington School Board Sees New Lobby Flooring

By Jill Moon

West Washington School Board members got to see a sample of the new flooring for the band room at their meeting Thursday night.

Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop passed some samples around. It is waterproof, stain resistant, and costs the district nothing.

Over Christmas vacation the lobby tile (with school logo) will be replaced and next summer the hallways will be replaced.

Finance Issues

Another topic of interest was the school budget. Superintendent Fuhrhop reported “The district is in solid financial shape as of now.” But he warned of cuts in aid coming at the end of the year and as Illinois experiences over 115 days without a budget.

Mandates are still being sent to schools without the promised funding, so schools are expected to do more with less. The district did have deficits but because of how the fiscal year fell, it received some payments after the fiscal year ended.

Fuhrhop warned, “things are not getting better anytime soon.”


The greenhouse project is going well, all the footing holes are dug and the trusses are built.

There will be a work day on November 14 starting at 8:00am to put it all together.

Principals’ Reports

In his report Principal Spinka said the parent/teacher conferences had gone really well and efforts to get students more involved were successful in some cases the students themselves led the meetings.

Principal Senior reported focusing more on professional development for Okawville’s teachers, sending some to conferences and then having those teachers teach every other teacher what they learned.

Senior also told the board that he planned to test students in grades 8, 9 and 10 in the fall and spring with the ASPIRE test. He said this evaluation would be helpful for these students as the state required test results from last year were not available yet so teachers did not know yet when school started where the weaknesses were.

Some board members questioned the wisdom of so much testing, if they were just teaching to test.

Senior responded that it was another tool teachers could use to prepare their students for the state mandated tests and the ACT, which everyone agreed was crucial to getting into a college of any kind.