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Letter: The Need For Moral Control

The Need For Moral Control

The following was shared with my congregation. One of my member suggested that I should share it with the community. These are my thoughts.

I know that from the President and many others the call is for gun control. Yet I am here to say that the real issue is the need for moral control. The basic need is for teaching and understanding the moral standards that God has given us in His word. There is a Standard that if broken there will be consequences.

What a lot of people do not want to hear is that there is a need for Standards to be taught: respect for life, concern for others, respect for property, etc. The Standard of right and wrong needs to be taught.

Are we surprised at the direction many have chosen, especially when one remembers the Bible being taken out of education and the philosophy of ‘everything is relative’ being taught? There are limits in human society and no limits in the animal world.

We need to remember C.S. Lewis’s thought [from Mere Christianity]: “Good people know about both good and evil: bad people do not know about either.”

Rev. John Campbell

United Presbyterian Church, Oakdale