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September Weather Report

Summer went out in a fairly wet and warm September.

Nearly six inches of rain fell during the month (5.79 inches total), but of that, half fell on one day, a very wet September 9, which had 2.90 inches fall. One inch and 1.3 inches fell on September 29 and 30, with the remainder of rainfall scattered through a handful of days all with less than a half inch of precipitation.

Highs for the month averaged 82.3 degrees, with the highest temperature being 93 degrees measured on three straight days– September 6,7 and 8, preceded by a pair of 92 degree days on Sept. 4 and 5. By the end of the month, things had mellowed out, with the high on September 30 measuring only 69 degrees.

September 13 was the chilliest day of the month overall though, with the lowest low and the lowest high at 47 and 65 degrees, respectively.

The lows for the month averaged 60.7 degrees, and the two days before and after September 13 were chilly ones too, with lows at 51 and 52 degrees.