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Let’s ReadOctober 7, 2015

Let’s Read

By Mary Barrett

Pass the Energy, Please!

By Barbara Shaw McKinney

Published by Dawn Publications, 12402 Bitney Springs Road, Nevada City, California 95959

32 pages, paperback, $8.95, ISBN 978-1-58469-002-3

Everyone is somebody’s lunch. Each of nature’s creatures “passes the energy” in its own unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players. And all beings on Earth – from the anchovy to the zooplankton—depend upon the green plant, which is the hero of this story.

Barbara Shaw McKinney writes about the “big ideas” in nature in an effort to help children understand the world and their special role in it.

Born with a Bang, The Universe Tells
Our Cosmic Story (Book One)

By Jennifer Morgan

48 pages, paperback, $9.95, ISBN 1-58469-032-1

This book is about the early history of the universe narrated by the universe itself. Beginning with the Big Bang and ending with the formation of Earth, Book One of the trilogy is a thrilling story of chaos and creativity. Particles become galaxies. Mother stars explode in supernovas, creating elements, the building of blocks of life.

Jennifer Morgan’s work as a storyteller, author, educator and environmental advocate flows out of her love of the natural world and cosmology.

From Lava to Life, The Universe Tells Our Earth Story (Book Two)

By Jennifer Morgan

48 pages, paperback, $9.95, ISBN 978-1-58469-042-9

This is a story about the beginning of life, and how Earth triumphs over crisis to become bacteria, jellyfish, flowers and dinosaurs. It is a science story of your living Earth and the unbroken chain that connects you to the very first life that began to twitch in the sea four billion years ago.

Mammals Who Morph, The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story (Book Three)

By Jennifer Morgan

48 pages, paperback, $9.95, ISBN 978-1-58469-085-6

This is the amazing story of mammals. It picks up with the extinction of dinosaurs, and tells how tiny mammals survived and morphed into lots of new Earthlings such as horses, whales and a kind of mammal with a powerful imagination such as you. It is a story of chaos, creativity and heroes being the greatest adventure on Earth.

These are wonderful books for children to read and understand about nature.

These books can be found at your local bookstore, by writing to the publisher at the above address, by using the website, by calling 800-545-7475 or by checking your local library.