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WCH Hosts “Living With Diabetes” Educational Series

Allie Grunloh Speaking Diabetes Info WCHBW.jpg

Washington County Hospital and Medical Group are hosting an educational series titled Living with Diabetes. This series is available to all members of the community. The last session is scheduled for Monday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the conference rooms located in the lower level of the hospital.

If you have not attended the prior three sessions, you are still encouraged to attend on the Sept. 21.

You will have opportunity to gather useful, educational handouts and speak to the providers, Dr. Ginger Fewell and Pam Lowry, ANP. Each week there is also time to recap the topics and information from previous sessions.

In recapping the past three sessions, the first session discussed dietary information in regards to good/bad carbs, the number of carbs per meal, how to count carbs, and how to read food labels.

During the second session, there was important information on exercising with diabetes and great tips for eating out.

The third session focused on hypoglycemia, the condition when your blood sugar levels are too low. They also talked about different diabetes medications and the long term effect of diabetes.

During the final session, there will be information from Dr. Thomas Kirisits on foot care, self-examinations, how to prevent foot complications, and diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Fewell will also have a summary of all four sessions and Pam Lowry, ANP will speak about the upcoming diabetic clinic. For more information please visit the WCH Website at

Allie Grunloh speaks to visitors at WCH’s “Living With Diabetes” educational series.