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SIU–C “Urban Design Studio” Visiting Nashville

By Alex Haglund

On the afternoon of Monday, August 31, a group of architecture students from SIU, Carbondale visited Nashville and walked through its downtown, stopping in businesses and offices, taking photos, and generally documenting the business sector of town.

These students are college seniors and are in Nashville for an Urban Design Studio, and are visiting Murphysboro and Pinckneyville as well for the class.

According to their teacher, Steven Turnipseed, AIA, the design studio visited Washington D.C., New Orleans or other large urban areas.

“This year, we’re doing three small towns,” Turnipseed said. “Nashville, Pinckneyville and Murphysboro are a string, three pearls, kind of, and we’re seeing what they have in common, what differentiates them, and we look at how we might be able to improve the physical environment in some way.”

Turnipseed went on to state that the purpose of the class is, “essentially studying the public spaces between buildings (streets, sidewalks and parks) and empty spaces that can be better utilized to generate more activity in the central business districts. They will be mapping and photographing each towns’ central area, studying their history, and be looking for design ideas that may mutually strengthen all three cities.”

While Monday was the class’ first visit to Nashville, and likely the only one that they will make as the full group, Turnipseed stated that they will be in and out of all three towns all through the semester.

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