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Gajewski Family Reunion

The 36th annual Gajewski Reunion was held August 9th at Rend Lake with 83 people in attendance.

Some of those attending received special recognition:

Dorothy Suchomski, of Pinckneyville, was recognized as the oldest woman present and for having the most children.

Father Frank Wagner, of Los Angeles, California, was recognized for being the oldest man.

John and Bernice Bock, of St. Louis, were recognized for having been married the longest.

Callen Newborn, son of Leslie Tubbs and Ben Newborn, of Scheller, was the youngest present.

Richard Gajewski, of Richview, was the oldest present with the Gajewski name.

Tim Gajewski, of Brownsville, TN, was the youngest present with the Gajewski name.

Andrew Mills of Turkey, Father Frank Wagner of California, and Dillon Hall of El Paso, TX, travelled the farthest to attend.

Charles Wagner, of Evansville, Indiana, was recognized for having the most grandchildren.

Alberta Newborn, of DuQuoin, was recognized for having the most great-grandchildren.

Louise Kabat, of Scheller, was recognized for having the most grown children present.

Joe & Nicole Wynn, of Scheller, were recognized for being the most recently married couple

Those attending the reunion, listed by hometown were: Ashley – Frances Hix; DuQuoin – Liz Wynn, Janice Bedar, Alberta Newborn; Elkville – Krystal, Kevin, Ethan, and Adrian Marlow; Herrin – Steven Hall; Mt. Vernon – James Tolley, Karen Lamke; Pinckneyville – Dorothy Suchomski; Richview – Richard and Carolynn Gajewski; Scheller – Donna and Gary Vancil, Sharmin, Caitlin, and Steve Wagner, Marie Wyciskalla, John and Alicia Kabat, Jason, Cheryl, and Ashli Presswood, Ben, Chase and Callen Newborn, Leslie Tubbs, Rosie Cosens, Mark and Lori Kabat, Joe, Nicole, Laurel, and Piper Wynn, Delaney Bandy, Walter and Janice Wagner, Tom, Kathryn, and Sarah Restoff, Bobby and Lois Herzing, Melvin and Louise Kabat, James, Tina, Logan and Lucas Hall; Sesser – Mary Lou Bowlin, Corena Keith; Tamaroa – Georgia, Mallary, Kelsey, and James Lamke, Amia, Blake, and Cash Brodbeck; Waltonville – Kasey Gilbert, Jake Heppe; Woodlawn – Gary and Sandra Kabat; Evansville, Ind. – Charles Wagner; Haubstadt, Ind. – Randy, Susan, Helaena, and Nicholas Pfeiffer; O’fallon, Mo. – Robb, Colleen, Nicole, and Shannon Bock; St. Louis – John and Bernice Bock, Marilyn Haberl, Jeanne and Scott Leicht, Perry Sigwerth, Bob Austin; Brownsville, Tenn. – Tim Gajewski; El Paso, Texas – Dillon Hall; Los Angeles – Father Frank Wagner; Turkey – Andrew Mills

The group enjoyed a potluck lunch. The weather was beautiful and the afternoon was spent visiting, taking pictures, and many went for a swim. Next year’s reunion will be on August 14.