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August 26 Classic Photo: Recovering

The gentleman on the crutches in last week’s Classic Photo is Paul Huge, says Gertrude Holle, the late Huge’s sister-in-law.

Huge lost his leg below the knee in a farm accident and had just finished with rehabilitation when this photo was taken, Holle said. He was waiting for his new prosthetic leg to arrive.

Holle said that Huge’s wife, her sister, Dorothy Jones is still alive and currently resides in Mt. Vernon.

Irvington historian Ralph McTall called in with a copy of the original article by Grover Brinkmann and dated October 13, 1967.

McTall read that Huge had lost his leg harvesting corn after it was caught in the gears of his tractor. The photo came from the soybean harvest a few weeks later, when he was aided by friends, family and neighbors.

Huge lost his leg below the knee, but the injury could have been worse. Both McTall and Paul’s grandson, Nick Huge, identified Doug Huge, then 11, and Nick’s uncle, as the one who heard Paul’s cries and quickly shut off the tractor.

McTall stated that following the accident, Huge became the Irvington Township Road Commissioner, a role he served in for years.