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New School Year BeginsNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – August 12, 2015

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

Most likely, by the time the readers view today’s Nashville News, our students will have completed their first day of school.

Believe it or not, though it has been MANY years ago, I can remember the feeling of that first day. It was a feeling of excitement…..I get to go to school for another year in a new grade.

It was a feeling of dread….I’ve got to go to school for another year! No more sleeping until the crack of noon! Oh no. Mom experienced a sadistic joy in flinging my bedroom door open and switching on what seemed to be the brightest overhead light in the house….all at the disgusting hour of 6am! “Time to get up” she gloated with a sickening perkiness to her voice. I was convinced that she must be like all parents. They enjoyed jolting the kids out of bed unmercifully! Where did last night go? .

I have a high degree of empathy for our Freshmen. I can remember that transition of going from the middle school to “the big school”. I remember wondering what horrors might await me as I tried to navigate my way through the high school hallways. What on Earth would the Seniors do to make my life miserable?

It was probably during my Freshman year that I first came to a significant life realization. Most of the things we worry about never happen. We often worry all for nothing. I found that, after a few days, I got through the hallways just fine. I found that the Seniors really didn’t give a lot of thought to us Freshmen.

During my Senior year I found out why. Most of the Seniors had their own concerns such as the reality that their high school careers were coming to an end. Seniors were thinking about what their lives would be like in just a few short months after they graduated.

It seemed like time marched by faster during my Senior year than it did during my Freshman year. Another life
realization….as we get older, time seems to fly. Where did today go?

Seniors may be asking themselves where the last three years went. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they roamed the hallways of Nashville High School for the first time?

Freshmen should take note. High school consists of
approximately 700 student attendance days. It sounds like a lot. It isn’t.

Seniors have only 175 days left in their high school career. 75% of their days at NCHS have been spent. I encourage our Seniors to make the remaining 25% be their best days yet.

One final life realization today…. we should make the most of each and every day. I’ve heard it said that “life is fleeting”. So is high school. Enjoy it!

New School Year Begins

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