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Hoyleton Upholstery Wrecked By Sunday Storms

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ABOVE: Volunteers clear salvageable items from Hoyleton Upholstery. RIGHT, pieces of the roof were blown into homes and utility poles to the east of the destroyed building. BOTTOM: the walls of the building and the sign were knocked down by the storm winds.

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By Alex Haglund

When the storms blew through Washington County on Sunday evening, the point of their fury was directed firmly at the Hoyleton Upholstery building along State Route 177 in Hoyleton, which was destroyed.

Witnessing the destruction was Tina Kretzer, owner of Kretzer’s Grill and Bar with her husband L.D., who was at the bar at the time of the storm along with their patrons.

“The front door of the restaurant was slamming open and closed,” said Kretzer. “I went up there to see what the heck was going on and it was pulling me out there, so I was screaming at my husband. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back in.”

“We looked out there and saw a huge cloud, and there was just stuff spinning up in it. It was like two seconds, and it was over with,” Kretzer continued. “The power went out, and then it was back on in like 25 seconds. It was extremely loud.”

For More, Please Read The August 12, 2015 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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