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Okawville Village Board Passes Resolution Preparing For Wheat Fest

By Jill Moon

The Okawville Village Board met July 28th.

The resolution passed to close the necessary streets for the Wheat Festival Parade.

In new personnel, Committee Chairperson Ronda Pryor reported that Paul (Dusty) Miller of Okawville has been hired for the position of Shared Utility Worker. He starts his new position on August 3.

Police Committee Chairperson Sarah Deterding explained that a 10+-year-old radar unit had ceased working. The cost to replace it would be $1,610. Her committee’s plan was to use $500 from the Drug Fund and pay the remaining amount ($1,110) from village funds. The motion passed to use General Funds.

The IL Law Enforcement Agencies updated their mutual aid agreement and that motion was passed. This was explained as a working agreement between every county police agency south of Springfield to help each other in times of need.

The village received over $1,195 in circuit clerk fines during July and over $2,596 in video gaming receipts in July.

The Water and Sewer Committee reported that they had been counseling businesses on cleaning their grease traps. The committee had been advised to buy a 5 hp Flygt pump for $6,040 instead of a 3 hp Flygt pump for $4,660 as it would prove to be more versatile and better suited to Okawville’s needs. The motion passed.

Board President Jasper asked the board to help spread the word that sewer and road crews had until the middle of Sept. (Wheat Festival Time!) to finish sidewalks, clean up dirt on streets, repair curbs, etc. He asked for patience from all concerned. Contracts were written with that deadline in mind.

In attorney matters, Board President Jasper reported that the Lindsay property by the latest court date did not pass the latest inspection. It was supposed to be ready now but because of time delays even if it passes inspection the matter will have to go before the zoning board since the trailer is not in the trailer park and time has run out for it to be “grandfathered in”. The treasurer’s report was passed as was the motion for payment of bills.

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