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NCHS Superintendent’s NotesJuly 29, 2015

NCHS Superintendent’s Notes

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

It is hard to believe but our student’s first official day of school is only two weeks away. Registration is on August 3rd and 4th. I look forward to meeting our incoming Freshmen on August 6 during orientation. Our teachers eagerly report on August 11 for a Teacher Institute day. I’m sure that our students are just as excited about August 12 when they get to debut the 2015-16 school year. Wow…where did this summer go?

We often take for granted the work that our maintenance/ custodial staff do during the time period from the last day to the first day of school. While many spend that time on the road for family vacations or sitting by the pool sipping on lemonade, maintenance director Barry Morris and his custodial staff see their stress level jump as they begin the hard work of prepping the school for the upcoming school year.

This summer has been especially stressful as we are doing some renovation work. The old floor tile and carpeting is being removed throughout the school and new asbestos-free floor covering is being installed. While many areas of the school will be completed by the start of school, more areas will not be completed until next summer. What has been completed looks beautiful. Unfortunately, our hallways are ugly as the old floor tiles have been removed with only bare concrete left behind. We look forward to the close of next summer as the ugly will be transformed to beautiful once the new floor covering is installed. We ask our students and community to bear with us in the interim.

I want to thank Barry and his crew for their hard work this summer. We have also had some teachers getting messy this summer with paint brushes and rollers. I appreciate the effort everyone has put into getting our school ready for what I’m sure our parents, staff, and students would say is “the most wonderful time of year”……the first day of school!

School Is Only Two Weeks Away

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