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NCHS Asbestos Removal Proceeding Ahead Of Schedule

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Community High School Board of Education held their first meeting with new superintendent Ernie Fowler on Monday, July 20 in the school’s media center.

At the meeting, Fowler and Jeff Faust of Environmental Consultants gave the board an update on the removal of asbestos from the classrooms and hallways of the school. The project has been going on since the end of classes and, as Fowler and Faust were pleased to report, is ahead of schedule.

“We have made a big dent this year,” said Faust. “Things have gone really smoothly so far.

The project is planned to go through the end of this summer and then be completed during next summer.

“All of the asbestos containing floor tile in the building at the end of this summer will be in two offices, the cafeteria, the English wing and under the main office and administration area,” said Faust.

The $850,000 Health/Life Safety amendment which is paying for the project was originally intended to cover the removal of 35,00 of the building’s 45,700 square feet of asbestos lined tile. Now, Faust said, he believes that the entire project can be completed under the current $850,00 amendment.

“The idea has always been to get the biggest bang for the buck that we can,” said Faust.

Faust stated that aiding him in this project was Barry Morse and his staff, who had all been extremely helpful.

Fowler likewise complimented Faust and his crew.

“They have been outstanding,” Fowler said. “My hat is off to you, Jeff.”

Fowler stated that he had asked Faust, the school’s architect and all of the board members to attend the September 1 facilities committee meeting so that plans for work to be completed in the summer of 2016 could be fleshed out.

Personnel Action

After closed session, the board approved several personnel actions.

Tim Kuhn was restored to his part-time Title I position.

Bethany Hinkle was restored to her part-time Title II position.

Dempsey Witte was hired as the girl’s Junior Varsity Basketball Coach.

Patrick Weathers was hired as the Girl’s JV softball coach.

Craig Dalman was hired as the sophomore football coach.

Bruce Reeder was appointed as a non-paid volunteer assistant football coach.


The board approved utilizing Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk and Miller as the District’s Law Firm.

A note was read from retired superintendent Wendy Davis thanking the board for their decisions during her tenure and wishing them well in the future.

Stephanie Bauza was reappointed as the district’s authorized IMRF agent.

Meier Chevrolet will again be providing the district with a driver’s education vehicle. The cost will be $11.75 per day, up from $11.50 per day last year.

A female student was approved to be able to take part in both cross country and golf.

The Little Hornets Football program’s use of NCHS facilities was approved.

Prices for athletic admission were kept the same as last year, with Fowler stating that they were in line with other school’s prices.

Two interfund loans were approved. One was for $90,000 from working cash to IMRF; the other was for $130,000 from working cash to tort.

NCHS Asbestos

Removal Proceeding Ahead Of Schedule

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