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It Happened HereJuly 22, 2015

Eighty Years Ago


Jimmy Dintleman, a driver for the Ashley Milk, Co., was robbed while en route to Carlyle with a load of milk. The loss was $3.

Washco Stores advertised Phillips pork and beans for nine cents a can.

The federal debt hit an all time high of $28.7 million.

Construction for the dam for the municipal waterworks system in Nashville had begun.

Deaths: Philip Reither, a native of Nashville; Adam Kuhn of Du Bois; and Dorothea (Schlake) Marquard of Venedy.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Residents of five western Washington County townships voted 612-466 to increase the Okawville High School to four years.

Construction of a fire tower near Lively Grove had begun.

Washington County farmers were in need of rain to prevent damage to crops.

Elmer Going replaced Ernest Lietz as supervisor of Venedy Township.

Attendance at the Washington County Fair in Ashley was estimated at 25,000.

The thermometer dipped to 52 degrees, the coolest July since 1874.

A bomb thrown from a car damaged the Paramount night club south of Centralia.

Paul Liszewski, five-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Liszewski of Nashville, was fatally injured when he fell beneath a truck.

Other deaths: Thomas Bovey, 45, of Nashville; Bertha Moeller, 48, of Addieville; Marie Meyer, 52, of Addieville; and Louise Koch of Okawville.

Seventy Years Ago


A diesel engine made its debut on the L&N passenger train which ran through Nashville.

Benoist Brothers Orchard was selling peaches for $2.50 per bushel.

Memorial Services were held for Pvt. William Taft, who was killed in action in France.

George Koch, 71, widely known fisherman of Covington, lost his life in the Okaw River when he drowned while running his lines.

Other deaths: Ephriam Small of Nashville; August Homburg of Nashville; and Mrs. Henry Steinkamp of Lively Grove.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Raymond Huge of rural Irvington reported the theft of 200 chickens.

Lane cedar hope chests were available at Heleman Furniture Store for $49.95.

Marvin Martin was hired as principal at Nashville Community High School, succeeding G.H. Kimpling.

Dedication services were held for the new parsonage at St. Paul in Nashville.

Martha Ann Little, eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Little of Lively Grove, was quite ill with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Deaths: Henry Meyer of Addieville; John Golinski of Tamaroa; and Lt. Cmdr. Henry Edmonds, a native of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago


Sales of Studebaker’s were running ahead of the national average in Washington County, according to Jim Williamson, local dealer.

The local theatre was showing “The Big Sleep” with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Oscar Kirchhoefer became the sole owner of the Chevrolet agency in Nashville.

Walter Schwering, 42, a native of Stone Church, drowned in the Colorado River in Arizona.

Other deaths: Robert Dintleman, a native of Nashville; and Leo Wyciskalla of Du Bois.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


For the second time in as many months the Behrman IGA store in Okawville was burglarized. Taken this time was $650 worth of merchandise and $100 cash.

Dr. Godfrey Schroeder received his dental degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

William Backs and Rev. C.E. McIntyre of Nashville, Harry Peeck of Ashley and Millard Ruess of Nashville were named to the County Welfare Board.

Dr. Jeff Schroeder, son of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder, suffered burns when a small alcohol lamp exploded. The lamp was being used for an experiment at his apartment in St. Louis.

Washington County Circuit Court released $250,000 in securities from the Fred Reuter estate to the Washington County Hospital.

The following were installed as Legion officers: Paul Frederking, finance officer; Charles Kemnetz, commander; Norman Bergmann, senior vice-commander; Verdell Fox, junior vice commander; and William Kuhlman, adjutant.

Rev. Alfred Buls made his farewell sermon at Trinity Lutheran Church in Nashville.

Cornelia Matecki was killed in a two-car automobile accident on Route 127 south of Nashville.

Other deaths: Albert Pries of Covington; Minnie Krughoff of Nashville; Hosea Poole of Nashville; Wilma Kachuba of Chicago; and Joseph Corzine, formerly of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Posen became a mission of St. Barbara Catholic parish in Scheller.

Mrs. Darrel Bell of Peoria, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zacheis of Oakdale, was elected president of the Peoria Jayceettes.

Deaths: Sgt. James H. Pachall, 88, of Nashville; Minnie Beckemeyer, 74, of Irvington; Georgia Sawywe, 83, of DuQuoin; William Hansen, 80, of Hoyleton; Martin Schneider, 91, of Canden, AR; George Nadolski Jr., 10, of Ashley; Deborah Diane, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Stanley Kellerman of Nashville; and Edgar Riddle, 46, of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Mark McClintock, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. David McClintock, caught a two pound one ounce crappie at the Washington County State Lake.

Officers installed at the Ashley Lions Club meeting were: Trevor Setzekorn, president; Olin Thompson, first vice-president; Floyd Wreath, second vice-president; Arthur Reimer, third vice-president; Jerry Dressler, secretary; Eugene Shelton, treasurer; Wayne Miller, Lion Tamer; Stephen Zeman, Tailtwister; and Herb Budde and Clem Obenhofer, Directors.

The market report listed soybeans, Virginia, $2.39; soybeans, yellow, $2.74; soft wheat, $1.27; hard wheat, $1.26; corn, shelled, $1.35; bran, $3.30; and shipstuff, $3.25.

Jim Edwards of Nashville and Victor Main of New Athens purchased the Clover Leaf Tavern from Katie Hoffman.

Candidates for the annual Jaycees beauty pageant were: Brenda Schaeffer, Lorraine Kennedy, Peggy Hildebrand, Denise Oltman, Lois Brinkman, Judy Cross, Shirley Schuetz, Connie Boeschen and Linda Schindelar.

The City of Nashville was taking bids on a house to be torn down for the city parking lot.

Rev. Edmond Perjak, formerly of Nashville, was appointed associate pastor at St. Henry Parish in Belleville.

Deaths: Edward Schnake, 96, of Richview; Paul Meyer, 76, a native of Plum Hill; Edward Liske, 48, of Beaucoup; Lisa Warnacke of Arnold, MO; Mrs. Paul Lilienkamp, 76, of Nashville; Sigmund Stawicki, 80, of Nashville; Anette Neirman, 50, of Belleville; and D.W. Little of Marissa.

Forty Years Ago


Jack Grzechowiak, a data management specialist at the National Science Foundation in Washington DC, received an award for outstanding performance.

The FHA approved the financing of 12 low-rent housing units to be built in St. Libory.

Deaths: Charles Hollingshead, 55, of Nashville; John Obermeier Sr., 85, of Okawville; James Edwards of Denniston, MN; Mamie Seyler, 76, of Mascoutah; Dallas Stilley, 77, of Nashville; Gene Bollmeier, 53, of Marissa; Catherine Heisner, 81, of Pinckneyville; Blanche Jones, 77, of Central City; and Minnie Wagner, 85, of Pinckneyville.

Thirty Five Years Ago


Duane Harre of Covington wall ill with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Deaths: Cecelia Miller, 91, of Du Bois; La Vina Broetzmann, 70, formerly of Plum Hill; Fern Juenger, 61, of Lenzburg; John Prusz, 78, a native of Nashville; Amanda Hartlipp, 74, of Hoyleton; Catherine Wesseln, 95, of Tamaroa; Walter Wyciskalla, 70, of Scheller; Fred Thoms, 72, of Carlyle; Nancy Wilson, 87, a native of Nashville; Julius Weihe, 78, a native of Hoyleton; Lena Steinkeimer, 87, of Darmstadt; Gertrude Chapman, 78, of Pinckneyville; Ben Bonduraunt, 83, of Lees Summit, MO; and Charles Novak, 92, formerly of Du Quoin.

Weddings: Pamela Finke and James Shrum; and Janna Carriker and Stephen Lawrence.

Thirty Years Ago


Dale Weihe, 34, formerly of Addieville dies of injuries received in a one-car accident on Route 51 south of Centralia.

Elsie Bassen, 67, of rural Hoyleton was killed in a farm accident near her residence.

Other deaths: Lillian Lange, 68, of Okawville; Wesley “Bud” Dintleman, 59, a native of Nashville; Gary Ferrero, 36, of Pinckneyville; Gene Vogelpohl, 76, formerly of Okawville; Hillary Dorthea Pryor, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee Pryor of New Athens; August Brinkmann, 96, of Stone Church; Hershel Barkau, 47, of Nashville; Charles McCauley, 54, of Coulterville; Nancy Jones, 95, formerly of Rice; and James Boyles, 60, of Iuka.

Wedding: Brenda Miller and Stan Barmmeier.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


A power pole fell on a truck owned by Harriet Martens, parked behind Nashville Medical Center. Another truck, owned by Terri Lohmann, was also damaged. Power to several customers was out for the remainder of the day.

Steve Clark, Washington County Zoning Administrator and ESDA Coordinator, declined the job of Safety Director.

Proposed water and sewer rate increases for Okawville customers were postponed at the urging of nearly two dozen citizens.

Deaths: Daniel Lamczik, 78 of Du Quoin; Scott Rees Jr. 33, formerly of Nashville; Gary Chamness, 42, of Coulterville; Chesley Mazander, 67, formerly of Elkton; Donald Harshbarger, 70, of Mt. Vernon; Edward Tielemann, 85, of Edwardsville.

Weddings: Joyce Dust and Christopher Aydt; Lisa Czerwinski and Allen Wisniewski; and Doris Wernecke and Gene Povolish.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. James Rossel (Nancy Haier) of Okawville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Porter (Carol Majewski) of Todd’s Mill, a daughter; Roger and Rose Felts of Coppel, TX, a son; Tom and Valerie Whitehead of Arnold, MO, a son; Beth and Brian Cassity of Tamaroa, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


The temperature soared to over 100 degrees.

Paula Harlan was hired as superintendent of Hoyleton Grade School.

Nashville City Council announced plans to construct a water transmission line from the Kaskaskia River to the city reservoir.

Miller Appliance Center was selling washers for $489 and dryers for $399.

Vandals spray-painted satanic symbols on Friedens United Church of Christ and Irvington Grade School.

Deaths: Raymond Collmeyer, 80, of Nashville; Sylvester Kloczak of Belleville; Theodore Dlubala, 69, of Oakdale; Pansy Schneider, 70, of Murphysboro; Avie Woodside, 88, of Sparta; Wilbur Chaney, 72, of Pinckneyville.

Weddings: Christine Harris and Calvin Breeze.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Boehning of O’Fallon, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Beckemeyer of Hoyleton, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bochantin (Melissa Rolf) of St. Peters, MO, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Oakdale Grade School awarded a contract for air conditioning its classrooms.

Joe Erickson and Larry Evans assisted a motorist whose car stalled in rising flood water on State Route 15 near the west edge of the city.

Sue Skalbialka was named company-wide employee of the year by Han-Dee Mart.

Stiegman Bros. Construction offered a $1,000 reward for information in the vandalism of several pieces of heavy equipment.

Deaths: Elland Steinkamp, 61, of Okawville; Helen Smith, 105, of Chicago; Herbert Pries, 88, of New Minden; Stella Problys, 82, of Trenton; Mildred Schnare, 84, of St. Charles, MO; Lucilla Barton, 93, of Nashville.

Weddings: Laura Borrenpohl and John Schubert II; Jacqueline Gutzler and Timothy Hoepker.

Births: Doug and Kim Kell of Centralia, a daughter; Brittany Boeschen and Ron Howell of Herrin, a daughter; Mike and Lynn Flamm of Cobden, a daughter; Brian and Margaret (Jahncke) Myers of Mendon, a son; Andy and Mary Huggins of Tamaroa, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Contracts with all physicians at Washington County Hospital were terminated as part of a plan devised by former U.S. Rep. Glenn Poshard to turn around the hospital’s bleak financial picture.

Dr. Jason Gladson joined Dr. Darrel Keller’s dental practice in Nashville.

Clint Harre of Nashville FFA won the Dairy Production Proficiency Award at the state convention.

Large eggs were 69 cents a dozen and seedless grapes were $1.28 a pound.

Births: Dan and Elizabeth Collins of Florissant, MO, a son; Nikki Clark and Wayne Bolyard, a daughter.

Deaths: Opal Spencer, 87, of Nashville; Ralph Bierman, 86, of Woodlawn; Elaine Roethemeyer, 79, of Mt. Vernon; Lawrence Epplin, 87, of Pinckneyville.

Weddings: Jennifer Rolf and Patrick Maschhoff; Heather Hansen and Sean Sexton.

Five Years Ago


After 21 years of service, Janet Weeke retired as the County 911 coordinator.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier spoke about a likely rate hike for water and sewer bills to service a $1-million IEPA loan the city was seeking approval on to replace storm sewers.

Nashville Police Department Veteran Brian Fletcher was promoted to Chief, replacing Martin Andrews, who retired.

A bi-county simulation exercise between Washington and Clinton County emergency agencies was centered around a “Biblical Flood”, with as much as 12 inches of rain.

Ted and Lela “Toodles” Malick of Nashville celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 5 and 6; Bob and Kathleen Briles of Nashville, celebrated their 50th anniversary on August 7. Breck Schilling and Justin Kramper announced plans to wed in October.

Deaths: Martha Collins, 83, of Nashville, July 15; Mildred Hardesty, 87, of Nashville, July 13; Mary Steinkamp, 79, of Carlyle, July 15; Wilbert Bailey, 86, of Belleville, July 17.

It Happened Here

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