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Court ReportJuly 22, 2015

Court Report


Whitney L. Wilson, 25, of Coulteerville, was charged with possession of the credit card of another, a class 4 felony, and with forgery, a class 3 felony, both alleged to have occurred on May 13. On July 14, Wilson appeared in court in custody of the Sheriff’s Dept. and with counsel present, and per plea negotiations, plead guilty to the forgery charge while the possession of the credit card of another charge was dismissed.She was sentenced to 30 months of probation and was fined $750. She was sentenced to 62 days in jail with credit for 62 days of time served. She was ordered to attend in-patient treatment and will remain incarcerated until a bed is available, but is allowed four hours every Monday to be released to her parents only. The state was granted 30 days to present an amount for restitution. She was ordered to provide proof of evaluation and treatment.

Mary L. Jung, of Freeburg, was charged with deceptive practice, a class 4 felony, for allegedly presenting a check for payment in the amount of $845.75 to Gary’s Tire Center, knowing that it would not be honored by the depository, alleged to have occurred on June 19, 2009. At a court appearance on July 14, 2015, in accordance with plea negotiations, the charge was amended to deceptive practice, a class A misdemeanor, which Jung pleaded guilty to. She was sentenced to 12 months of conditional discharge. She was fined $850. A restitution order was filed in the amount of $876.70.


Danielle M. Hutchison, 20, of Centralia, was charged with possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis, alleged to have occurred on April 17. On July 7, Hutchison appeared in court and the charge against her was dismissed pursuant to her plea in traffic case 2015-TR-560.

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