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Ask A Pastor – July 8, 2015

Pastor Scott Osenbaugh,

The Healing Place (Nashville Assembly of God)

If you were powerless to help yourself, what would you want? Some aid? Another person coming along to lend some assistance?

If you were kidnapped, held in some kind of slavery, you would need someone to be the means by which you were released from that bondage and set free.

That is the sense of the Biblical truth of redemption. God has taken the initiative to act compassionately on behalf of those who cannot help themselves. That describes the whole of the human race! The Bible is very plain that all humans, regardless, are separated from God because of sin, and all, on their own, face an eternity in hell. It’s stark, it’s sobering, but it is not the last word. God worked through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, to make a way for those who are completely powerless because of sin, who are held in the slavery of sin, to be set free and come into a new life and relationship with God.

Redemption is not exclusively a New Testament word. In the Old Testament, redemption had to do more with physical deliverance, such as an army winning a battle to free captives of the other force. God, or Yahweh, is repeatedly referred to as “Israel’s redeemer” (i.e., Isaiah 41:14, 43:1) in relation to His bringing Israel out of their four century bondage in Egypt, and later, from their captivity in Babylon. The idea about redemption is the same; Israel was powerless to change her situation, so she needed a redeemer.

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