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4-H Home Ec Awards

4H Home Ec 0228 C.jpg
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Foods and cake decorating (front and then back) Savannah Lamar (alternate), Hanna Niedbalski (delegate), Calista Herrmann (alternate), Brooke Balantini (delegate), Heather Strasburg (alternate), Gracie Hoffman (Best of Show – too young for state), Megan Schleifer (delegate), Sarah Tatjenhorst (alternate), Brooke Bowman (delegate), Megan Smith (cake deco alternate), Tricia Rennegarbe (cake deco delegate and Best of Show) (foods alternate).

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Irvington Jolly Teens – state fair alternates for intercultural club Will Ballantini, Brooke Ballantini, Raeann Thurman, Carissa Thurman. (back row) Savannah Lamar, Sarah Tatjenhorst, Kylie Venable

4H Home Ec 0249 C.jpg

Sewing and textiles (front and then back) Calista Herrmann (alternate), Anna Mead (alternate), Brooke Ballantini (delegate), Megan Scleifer (alternate), Mallory Unverfehrt (delegate), Holly Strasburg (delegate and trophy winner)

The Washington County 4-H Home Ec Show was held on June 24 at St. Paul’s UCC in Nashville. 

Those named as “delegate” were selected to be a delegate to the Illinois State Fair junior show in August, youth are only able to select one project to exhibit at the State general projects show. 

Youth selected as “alternate”will have the opportunity to exhibit at State if those chosen as a delegate in their project area decide to exhibit something else. 

Best of Show trophies were also selected in several project areas.

More photos of winners will be presented in next week’s edition of The Nashville News

State fair delegate in public presentations – Kylie Venable.

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