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Birds Of A Feather

Owls 3 C.jpg

By Alex Haglund

A fine feathered surprise awaited Amber Lehde Price and Doug Matlock of Lehde Tree Service when they were preparing to fell a rotten log at a residence south of Nashville.

Inside the log were four baby screech owls, all colored brown, which Price said was rare, as they are normally red or gray.

Seeking what to do about the owls, Lehde contacted the Washington County Conservation Area, who referred her to The Treehouse out of Dow, a conservation organization that helps to nurture and rehabilitate wildlife like the owls.

Maggie Hughes, who is affiliated with the Treehouse, came out to where the owls were found and set up a treehouse for them, a box mounted in a tree near the one where the owls were found.

Owls 4 C.jpg

ABOVE, the owls in the rotted log they were found in. ABOVE RIGHT, the owls new treehouse home. BELOW, the rescuers extended one of the owl’s wings to show its size. RIGHT, an owl gazing out of a box it was placed in.

Owls 5 C.jpg
Owls C.jpg

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