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NashvilleJune 17, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Moving Day

This month there are two moves that are affecting me.

One, Mom and I are moving to a rental house.

Two, the new pastor for the Lutheran church is being moved by the congregation.

Mom and I are moving piecemeal — that is, a little at a time.

Pastor Kotila is being moved all at once.

Friday we had a truck move some of our bedroom stuff, and the TV. So Friday night was our first night in the house.

I connected up the DVD player and after supper, we watched some movies.

The cats were around us all night, overjoyed to have us there at last for more than a few hours at a time.

Pastor Kotila’s family will have a relatively short period of adjustment to their new home. They will be able to settle in in maybe a week or so to the new place.

Mom and I still have about half our stuff to move out of the apartment. So we will have about three more weeks of adjusting to do.

I have no complaints other than the difficulty in finding movers who are very affordable.

I actually prefer moving slowly. It gives me a chance to feel out where is the right place to put everything.

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