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Letter: The Night AirJune 17, 2015

The Night Air

Disagreements probably go back to the time of cavemen over what acceptable living conditions around one’s cave (home). Some cavemen probably removed animal carcasses from the entrance to their cave because they found them unsightly and smelly. Others probably stacked them up until they could barely get into their cave. The smell apparently didn’t bother them.

Things have not changed that much. Some people try to keep their homes pleasant to look at. Some people stack stuff around their homes so that it is difficult for them to get into them.

And some people enjoy the smell of clean, fresh air. They sit outside to enjoy the evening. They also open their windows when it is nice out to let the air in. Other people do not notice what the air smells like and they burn things like plastic milk cartons and styrofoam which make terrible smells and are dangerous to breathe. The people sitting outside to enjoy the evening go running inside cursing the ones who ruined their enjoyment of nature and close the windows to try to limit the stench coming in.

What is interesting is that some of the people who keep their homes pleasant to look at are ones who burn things that make a stench and ruin the air. They trash the air instead of their homes.

Bernie Hughes

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