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Letter: From WCVW Clients To All Those Who Help– ThanksJune 17, 2015

From WCVW Clients To All Those Who Help– Thanks

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the clients at WCVW, I want to thank the many people who have helped the workshop. A number of people regularly donate their aluminum cans. Over 25 households are signed up for the Kroger Community Rewards. This money goes in the “can fund” and is used to purchase items to benefit the clients.

Using our can fund, I have purchased an used 46” flat screen TV from Haertling’s Radio Shack. This will upgrade us from our old 26” TV. Steve came and mounted it on the wall of the dining room. This will be great when the clients have downtime. It has a larger, brighter and much clearer picture.

The clients don’t often have a lot of downtime, but when they do I try to have a theme about which they learn. For example, a few weeks ago they learned about cocao beans and how chocolate is made. Every day was about chocolate-types, fun facts, word search, and more. We had taste testing on different types of chocolate and then they watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Our TV isn’t always used a lot, but this larger screen will make it much easier for the clients to enjoy a movie. Thanks again for all who donate to Washington County Vocational Workshop.

Renda J Rabe

Director of DT

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