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End Of An Era For Hornettes

Wayne Harre 2011-12.jpg

By Travis Volz

For more than two decades, Wayne Harre has been on the bench in one sport or another for Nashville Community High School. That run came to an end when the Hornettes’ softball team hoisted the state championship trophy last week.

“Its been a pretty good run,” Harre said of his tenure coaching athletes at NCHS. “I don’t know what the future will bring, but for right now, I’m focusing on being the athletic director.”

Harre took over as athletic director after the departure of Neil Hamon last year, and juggling those duties along with coaching did not leave him much time for anything else. That changed when he resigned his coaching duties at the end of the school year.

Best known as the head coach for the Hornettes’ basketball team, Harre also coached volleyball, softball, and junior varsity boys’ basketball over the years.

“I’ve gotten a chance to do a lot of things over the years,” he said. “The kids have been great, and I’ve worked with some really good coaches, and that all has been part of the success.”

He has made 17 trips to state with different teams, won it all in girls’ basketball in 2013, and was an assistant coach on the Hornettes’ three softball championships.

All of those teams were memorable, but he says the most special moments were coaching his daughters on the biggest stage.

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