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City Of Nashville Continues Code Review

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council met for their first regular meeting of June on the evening of Thursday, June 4, and continued discussions regarding their ongoing review of city codes and ordinances.

For their last three meetings, the council has been going over different issues of updating the city codes. Once they have finished, the codes will be printed into a book for the city’s use. Much of the information they are going through now includes correcting typos and errors in codes and updating fines for ordinance violations.

City Clerk Joyce Sheridan said that in addition to the segments being reviewed by council members, a section of the codes pertaining to the library was being reviewed by a library association lawyer tasked by Nashville Librarian Linda Summers.

Both Mayor Ray Kolweier and Sheridan implored council members to be sure to work to get their review of the codes finished soon. Sheridan stated that she has already requested two extensions from the publisher and would like to have the final edition returned to the publisher in July without requesting another extension.

Squad Car

Police Chief Brian Fletcher told the council that the city has taken possession of the department’s new squad car. The car was approved for purchase in November and Nashville has been waiting for delivery ever since.

“The squad car is in, finally,” said Fletcher. “It’s just about equipped and next week it should be ready to go.”

The old squad car that this vehicle is replacing will be put up for auction. Council members also discussed putting the orange truck that the street department recently replaced up for auction as well.

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