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Nashville City Council Approves Additional Funds For K-9 Training

By Travis Volz

Additional money for the Nashville Police Department’s K-9 program was approved during the regular meeting of the Nashville City Council Thursday.

The state of Illinois requires all K-9 units must undergo training at an approved academy. The academy previously used in Belleville was closed recently, and the next closest approved academy is in Indiana. The additional money was needed to cover the costs for the three-week course and lodging.

Councilman Josh Fark moved to transfer $5,500 from the general fund into the K-9 fund to supplement the $1,500 already approved at a prior meeting to cover the costs at the now-closed academy, and the Council approved this motion.

Updates to the city’s ordinance code book were also approved. One of the changes approved was to raise the maximum allowable fine from $500 to $750.

The Council approved the low bid of $1,975 for the installation of a truck bed on a truck for the Streets Department. Street Supervisor Rich Schuette noted that tools were stored in the truck, and the cap would keep them secure and out of the elements.

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