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Why Do People Garden?Master Gardener Scoop – May 13, 2015

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Why Do People Garden?

By Will Summers, Master Gardener

Spring has arrived. The lettuce, peas, radish and beans are up and growing in the warm spring sunshine. This article evaluates the reasons people vegetable garden in Southern Illinois as provided by discussions with fellow Washington County gardeners. Master Gardeners encourage people to grow their own vegetables this summer.

One of the first reasons to garden is to appreciate the gift of nature. Whether this shows your gratitude for having a backyard, an acre, or hundreds of acres to grow things, gardening reflects our values of our environment.

Next, gardening reflects our freedom and independence to raise our own food. I am proud of growing many of my own vegetables. I like the feeling of not relying on other people to grow my food.

Gardening is educational. I’m not the gardener I was 30 or 40 years ago. My knowledge grew over the years. Each year I learn something new. Gardening grows the grower.

Gardeners eat healthy. Our nutritional diet is enriched by the volume of crops as they ripen. As each crop reaches its peak abundance, I consume more vegetables than at any other time of year which brings us to my next point. Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you.

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