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It Happened HereMay 13, 2015

Eighty Years Ago


A petition was filed in Circuit Court contesting the recent election in Ashley Township. At issue was a number of improperly signed ballots by the township clerk.

St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church in Covington celebrated its 50th anniversary jubilee.

J.A. Chastain, who for 13 years was an operator at the Nashville L&N depot, began his duties in that capacity in Carmi. Robert Glenn of Carmi was sent to Ashley. Kirby Wallace, who was stationed at Ashley, was transferred to Addieville.

H.A. Gaebe was the successful bidder for the $60,000 waterworks distribution system contract in Nashville. Henry Reese and Sons won the bids of $16,500 for the reservoir and $29,306.60 for the filter plant.

William Teel was appointed chief of police with Albert Hale as his assistant. Nashville Street Overseer was Elmer Borcherding.

Washco Stores advertised three large package of Post Toasties for 25 cents. Bananas were 15 cents a dozen.

Deaths: Walter Paul, 45, formerly of Nashville; Edward Lachtrup of Nashville; Anton Formanach of Bolo Township; and Pearl Williams of Ashley.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Washington County native Carroll Bierman won the Kentucky Derby abroad Gallahadion.

Winners of the Lions Park marble tournament were Louis Van Behren, Eugene Rabenort, Tommy McEwen, Hadley Luebke, Conrad Schlueter and Fred Prashun.

Amos Thorpe was appointed Nashville city attorney and M.H. Petri city marshal. August Neuhaus was appointed Fire Chief.

The State Theatre of Nashville featured “The Grapes of Wrath” with Henry Fonda.

Seventy Years Ago


The issue of The News was only four pages due to the restrictions imposed on the newsprint by the War Production Board.

Nellie Driskill was injured with severe burns to the throat and lungs in a fire that destroyed her home north of Beaucoup.

Lambert Ragland was appointed Nashville city marshal; Russell Rice, street commissioner; Chester McFeron, water superintendent; and B.O. House, city attorney.

Staff Sgt. Leonard Kania, 23, of Du Bois was killed in Okinawa.

Tech. Sgt. Albert Stern, 26, of Oakdale was killed in action in Germany. Albert had previously been wounded twice.

Pvt. Charles Nehrkorn of Todd’s Mill was killed in action on Luzon.

Other deaths: Walter Johnson of Nashville; Meta Schluter of Ashley; and Anna Lunte of Okawville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


A $30,000 bond issue for roads passed by 20 votes in Oakdale. A similar issue was defeated in Bolo Township.

The junior class at Ashley High School went on a one day strike in sympathy over the expulsion of their class president who submitted a letter of grievance to the principal regarding plans for the junior-senior prom. The school board reinstated the entire group the following day.

Ernest Michael of Hoyleton was elected president of The Township Officials Association.

Sixty Years Ago


The following officers were reappointed in the City of Nashville: Phillip Neuhaus, street overseer, Chester McFerson, utility superintendent; Frances Maxwell, city attorney; and Freeman Kaser, marshal.

Nashville City Council halted issuing permits for gas hookups after negotiations with the pipeline company over larger quotas were suspended.

Jockey Clyde James rode both ends of the daily double entry at Fairmont Park in Collinsville. James was a native of Nashville.

Leo and Bert Cohn of Okawville announced the opening of a new nursing home, their second, in Benton.

Albert Gutjahr of Lively Grove Township was appointed to the Washington County Board of Review.

Thirty feet of track and several supports and ties were destroyed by a dynamite blast on the L&N railroad tracks near Okawville.

Robert Dintelman, 18, of Oakdale drowned in a boating accident in Chicago.

Other deaths: Mrs. Gottleib Harre of Nashville; Joseph Niedbalski of Posen; William Brehm, a native of Ashley; Agnes Bejma of Tamaora; Clarence Gillespie, formerly of Washington County; and Walter Foster of Richview.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Lark Restaurant in Addieville sustained extensive damage from a fire.

Hoyleton, Covington and Lively Grove townships were granted permission by the County Circuit Court to deannex from the Washington County Hospital District.

Lively Grove residents voted to double their township road tax rate from .165 to .330 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

Cheryl Poirot was a candidate for Miss Hambletonian.

Don Windler set a shot put record of 47 feet, 5 ½ inches for Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Father Steven Kraus, 48, pastor of Saint Mary Magdalen Church in Todd’s Mill, lost his life as flames consumed the rectory.

Other deaths: Mrs. Robert Pinski of Piolot Knob Township; Walter Engele of Nashville; Florence Adams of Xenia; Anne Sprehe, a native of New Minden; William Severs of Beaucoup; Charles Risley of Ashley; Ella Erbe of Ashley; and Mary Spangler, a native of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago


William Hudspeth of Oakdale, Air Force cadet, was named one of the 10 members of the NRA All-American pistol team.

Gary Richards and Roger Morrison, both of Nashville were the recipients of music scholarships to attend the Egyptian Music Camp at Du Quoin. Marcia Scanian also received a scholarship.

Construction began on the addition of four classrooms and an agricultural building at Nashville Community High School.

John Sanderson of Milton was hired as office manager of the Washington County Agricultural and Stabilization Office in Nashville.

Fred Niedermeyer was promoted to the rank of major in the army.

Deaths: Clara Jones, 83, of Hoyleton; Theo Baim, 54, formerly of Radom; Margaret Meyer of Addieville; Alma Edwards, 94, formerly of Beaucoup; Emma Uphoff, 77, of Nashville; Mary Rose Sauer, 78, of Okawville; and Clara Droege-Mueller, 75, formerly of Okawville.

Forty-Five Years Ago


A total of 5.10 inches of rainfall was measured during April by Doyle Cohlmeyer, U.S. Weather Observer for Washington County.

City Policeman Larry Garlich captured a car thief. The car had been stolen in Mt. Carmel.

Steven Clark who was serving in Vietnam, was promoted to specialist fifth class.

Dave Brinkman of Hoyleton was voted their most valuable member of the basketball team by his fellow players at Concordia College in Seward, NE.

High winds resembling a tornado caused considerable damage in Plum Hill Township to the Kaskaskia River in Covington Township.

Spec. 4 Gene Buretta of Ashley was awarded several medals for Army service in Vietnam.

Deaths: Emma Vogelpohl, 90, of Washington County; August Maschhoff, 91, a native of Nashville; William Kleinschmidt, 70, a native of Hoyleton; Tony Ramspott, 86, of Nashville; Stanley Gerding, formerly of Hoyleton; Lola Luke, 89, of Chester; and John Hannah, 68 of Coulterville.

Forty Years Ago


Rosemary Bartnicki of Nashville was awarded the Wesley Weihe Memorial Scholarship, a two-year full scholarship to music camp sponsored by Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.

Susan Fowler of Ashley graduated from a technical training course for Air Force aircraft mechanics at Shepard Air Force Base in Texas.

Deaths: Gerhardt Haake, 65, of Nashville; Rueben Anderson, 77, of Nashville; Ernst Schuette, 65, of New Minden; Fred Sharkowski, 91, of Nashville; Jean Heyer, 75, of Chattanooga, TN; Arthur Cohlmeyer, 78, of Richview; and Bertha Brun, 88, of Centralia.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


A large monument was to be erected in the County Poor Farm Cemetery in honor of 61 people buried there before organized records were kept. Graves were marked from 1878 to Christmas Day, 1940.

Just 7.61 inches of rain had fallen in Washington County during the first four months of the year compared to 18.71 inches the year before.

June Spenner of Hoyleton was selected to attend Illini Girls State.

Robert Schuetz, 33, formerly of Washington County, was one of the three men killed in a two-vehicle traffic accident on Route 13, west of Lenzburg.

Other deaths: William Friend, 96, formerly of Washington County; Ray Kubicki, 69, a native of Du Bois; Gerald Cieslinski, 31, of Radom; Josephine Leffner, 64, of Ashley; Margaret Kerry, 87, of Scheller; Alfred Krumsiek, 80, a native of Nashville; August Ritzel, 73, of Valmeyer; Theodore Fehrmann, 73, of Nashville; Virginai Schleifer, 56, of Centralia; and William Hawthorne, 70, of DeSoto.

Weddings: Janet Zienta and Corey Kampwerth; Cindy Schuette and Larry Kuhlengel.

Thirty Years Ago


Haier Plumbing and Heating of Okawville won the contract on $600,916 worth of water extension and sewer extension work on the I-64 and Route 177 interchange north of Okawville.

Only 1.63 inches of rain fell on Washington County during April, almost three inches below normal.

Deaths: Loraine Hasheider, 66, of Okawville; Emma Englemann, 88, formerly of Plum Hill; Peter Glazik, 79, of Radom; Clara Twenhafel, 92, of Hoyleton; Ema LeMar, 85, a native of Du Bois; Frances Buescher, 85, of St. Libory; Doris Shaw, 64, of Sparta; and Francelia Vogt, 76, a native of Irvington.

Weddings: Cynthia Schrader and John Hufker.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Okawville water and sewer fund expenses were $79,201.34 more than revenue.

New 10,000 gallon underground tanks were installed at Clark’s Amoco in Nashville.

Charlie Brink was named fire chief for the Nashville Fire Protection District.

Bob Stieg signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Millikin University in Decatur.

R.N. Miller of Nashville was pictured with an 11 ½” tall mushroom that he found. The mushroom was 7 ½ inches wide.

Deaths: Daniel Perjak, 78, of Nashville; Mary Croker, 95, of Scheller; Luther Barger, 69, of Centralia; Marilla Maschhoff, 70, of New Minden, Ralph Mischke, 80, of Woodlawn; and Mabelle Fox, 93, formerly of Ashley.

Wedding: Catherine Connaway and Mark Geiger.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Doug Snead (Geri Tomaszewski) of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Keeley (Sara Schaeffer) of Belleville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Jacobs (Pam Shaw) of Addieville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moran (Sandra Backs), a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


Okawville Village Board voted to join Addieville, Venedy, Radom and Du Bois as purchasers of water from Washington County Water Co.

Coach Bob Bogle’s 1978 state champion Hornets were inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.

Baseball coach Dave Vieth picked up his 100thcareer win, including a 49-10mark at NCHS.

Deaths: Vera Brammeyer, 70, of Nashville; Mary Guinzy, 85, of Ashley; Jewel Struck, 78, of Nashville; Harry Weihe, 88, of Okawville; Louise Fuller, 90, of Irvington; Dorothy Quick, 72, of Kinmundy.

Weddings: Mary Wilbur and Kelly Willis; Christine Bathon and Kevin Goldman; Karen McClintock and James Zellner.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sigman (Wanda Stieg) of Mascoutah, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Tony Thompson (Denise Ostendorf) of Addieville, a son; Jenna and Clinton Devening of Nashville, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Zion United Church of Christ in Hoyleton was making plans to expand its facilities after $50,000 raised by the congregation was increased by an anonymous donation of $25,000.

Ground was broken for the new all-weather track at Nashville High School.

Washington County Relay for Life raised over $45,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Twelve-year-old Amber Johns won the state title in the trampoline meet in Centralia.

Meyer’s Greenhouse offered Boston fern baskets for $13.95 as a Mother’s Day special.

Deaths: James Deaton, 47, of Tamaroa; Edna Heck, 81, of Swansea; Margret Heggemeier, 82, of Nashville; Jane Morris, 74, of Jenks OK.

Births: Roland and Nancy (Summary) Therina of Arnold, MO, a son; David and Kay Bening of Okawville, a daughter; Greg and Kimberly (Harkness) Niedzwiecki of Nashville, a son; Ricky and Donna (Suchomski) Jankowski of Damiansville, a son; Will and Kelly (Kujawa) Odum of Millstadt, a son; Marshall and Michele (Suedmeyer) Goostree Jr. of Nashville, a son; Glenn and Michele (Mahon) Helbig of Okawville, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Charles Schorfheide retired after 12 years as Nashville Township Highway Commissioner.

A tree was planted in Grantwood Village, MO in memory of St. Louis County police officer Mark Witte, formerly of New Minden, who died of cancer.

Strawberries were $1.38 for a 16-ounce package.

Births: Jason and Kristy Brink of Nashville, a son; Jason and Tara Finke of Nashville, a daughter; Tony and Nancy Kurre of Birmingham, AL, a son.

Deaths: Dolores Hileman of Melbourne, FL; Clarence Schubach, 92, of Ashley; Mary Rosancki, 86, of Radom; Mildred Boehne, 76, of Hoyleton; Ruth Stewart, 94, of Tallahassee, FL.

Weddings: Erica Richards and Eugene Popp.

Five Years Ago


Washington County Relay for Life brought in $100,000, surpassing its goal of $85,000 for the year.

The Village of Irvington voted to abolish the position of Police Chief.

Sara LaBusier finished 24th out of 39 at Junior Olympic National Championship shooting competition.

Births: Conner Nathaniel Pratt was born on April 29, to Ryan Lee Pratt and Christina Danielle Poole of Ashley. Rylie Nicole Neuhaus was born on May 4 to Rodney and Cara Neuhaus of Ashley.

Engagements and Anniversaries: Ashlie Gewe and Michael Cindric announced their plans to wed in September; Lisa Rosenthal and Brian Fahl planned to wed in July; Marvin and Delores Tepe of Okawville celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Deaths: Helen L. Liske, 96, of Belleville, May 7; Corrine Mustain, 81, of Nashville, May 5.

It Happened Here

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