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Okawville Police Honored For Training In “Project 16”

By Jill Moon

The Okawville Village Board met April 27. The Okawville Police Dept. received a plaque for 100-percent participation in “Project 16”, extended training the entire department took part in.

It was presented by the president of S. IL Police. The program is intended to “refresh and reset minds”. Officers reported learning and gaining a new understanding of their roles and appreciated the program.

Officers said they learned new driving tactics and dealing with traffic stops, keeping calm in stressful situations, and dealing with the after-effects of doing their job.

The Dept. received $3,522.82 in video gaming receipts for the month which was thought to be a record.

Chief Millikin reported the arrest of a woman from Cahokia for passing a forged payroll check at CBI Grocery for over $740. He said it was printed on actual check stock. Natasha Simmons has been charged with class 3D felony forgery and is currently in jail. Police are looking for her accomplice, Richard Simmons.

Annual liquor licenses were approved for Circle K and Road Ranger, semi-annual liquor licenses were approved for Plum Creek Golf Course, American Legion Post #233, and Christ Brothers Inc.

Trustee Rod Brockman retired after 20 years of service saying “It had been a great experience.” and he thanked the board. Trustees Drew Hasker, Brian Nelson and Rhonda Pryor were sworn in.

Sewer and water issues were discussed; improvements are needed including a control box at the Spring Valley Lift Station as the current one is inoperable. Cost is not to exceed $6,160.00.

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