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Senior Independence Day May 3

On May 2, 2015 Washington County Senior Services will be participating in an event to raise funds for services to older adults. The event is called Senior Independence Day. Volunteers will be collecting funds, rain or shine, in Okawville and Nashville. Other organizations will be collecting in 17 other communities. Volunteers will be out from 7:00-3:00 p.m.

Washington County Senior Services receives much of its funding from AgeSmart Community Resources. The funds they distribute come from both the state and federal government. Since 2011 funds from government resources have decreased 14%. The population of persons over 60 has increased 16%. Those with modest savings but not poor enough to be on Medicaid are impacted the most by these decreases. This means without that simple home delivered meals or help getting to the grocery store or doctor individuals may prematurely enter a nursing home which is vastly more expensive than home and community based services like those provided by Washington County Senior Services.

Funds raised will help programs and services which enable frail older adults to remain independent in their homes and provide support to caregivers and services to help grandparents raising their grandchildren. So when you are traveling doing your errands this Saturday and you see someone collecting for older adults, remember your change can help change the life of an older adult.

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