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The Texas RainmakerHoyleton April 22, 2015

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Patricia Rensing

Recently, Pastor “Tex” Self visited Zion United Church of Christ in Hoyleton.

Zion’s Pastor Howard Self got into special character as a Texas Rainmaker.

Telling the Rainmaker’s story of visiting a small community he demonstrated how this rainmaker was similar to Jesus’ presence on this earth.

Jesus helped people realize all the blessing they were given, opening their eyes to hope and all the possibilities available in their lives just as the rainmaker brought hope for rain while getting the people to work together and share their resources.

“The Good Shepherd’s Example” is the sermon title selected for this coming Sunday’s Worship at Zion UCC. Guided by Scripture readings from Acts 4:5-12, 1 John 3:16-24, and John 10:11-18, Pastor Howard Self will help listeners consider the example set by Jesus and help us see how we can follow that example in our daily life.

The Texas Rainmaker

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