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Ask A PastorApril 15, 2015

By Rev. Syd Osenbaugh

The Healing Place (Nashville Assembly of God)

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do.”

Those words carry fear and despair. We have come to rely heavily on the wonders of modern medicine and when those fail us there is devastation.

The words “divine healing” can evoke some strong emotions, as well. Some see a wild-eyed preacher demanding results from the heavens or a charlatan trying to eke money out of the unsuspecting. While those scenarios do exist, it doesn’t make genuine healing at the hand of God any less valid. In fact, there is no need to counterfeit something that doesn’t exist.

Divine healing is defined as a supernatural act which resolves a physical, emotional, or spiritual problem. It is an act of God through the person of Jesus, often encouraged by the prayers of the saints through the agency of the Holy Spirit. God loves His creation so much that He gave His Son for the well being of those He created – even though man didn’t deserve it nor was he appreciative. While we were still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. Because of His death in our place, healing was purchased for the body, mind, and spirit. The spiritual component of that healing takes place when an individual turns to the Lord for forgiveness. They become an heir of salvation with Heaven as their promised hope.

However, there is some confusion about the rest of healing – that which affects our bodies and minds. Some would say that we should be living in “divine health and wholeness” always if we are believers. Others might conclude that healing as the Bible describes it was for an era now gone, and doctors are the vehicle for modern healing. We really need to consider the ‘why’ of healing. Scripture lets us know that healing of the body is done to bring glory to God. It’s not uncommon for someone to cry out to God for healing because they desire relief from the symptoms and hope apart from the grim prognosis the doctors may have given. Instead, the goal should be to see God exalted in whatever way He chooses to work in that individual’s life.

I have seen, and personally experienced, miraculous healing. Those words, “there’s nothing more we can do,” have been proven wrong when Jesus stepped into the circumstance. I have also walked through seasons of illness, sometimes requiring hospitalization or surgery. Was God present in the miraculous and not in the other times? By no means! Jesus used a variety of ways to heal when He walked the earth. My personal thought on that is that He didn’t want us to slip into some formula of how He was going to work. He spoke a word over some, others He touched, or perhaps applied a substance to their ailment. Some were immediate, others took time. It was all the work of the Master and He was the One who brought the healing. Then, as now, it’s not about how, it’s all about Who!

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