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RichviewApril 8, 2015


Gerri Philipps 249-6281

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. The weather sure cooperated. I’ve seen it snow on Easter Sunday several times.

The Royal Neighbors, Scharon McCoy, Sue Mayberry, Mary Ann Ceglinski, Chris Newcomb and myself, met Thursday evening to stuff Easer eggs at the RUMC. There wasn’t really a count of eggs verses candy but it ended up coming out just about even. Lots of families came for the Easter Egg Hunt Saturday. I think everybody had a really good time, lots of candy and prizes for everyone.

If you look off into the trees you can see a green mist where the trees are beginning to spring forth new life. The grass is so pretty and green, ready to be mowed. I have seen a few ladybugs and I’m just wondering is this the time of year they are all in the house. Hello MLRP.

The Richview Village Board has set the day for the ‘town wide’ rummage sale for Saturday, June 6, from 7 – 12. There seems to be a lot of interest building, maybe we all are ready to get rid of ‘stuff’. Just found out this evening that Ashley and Random are having theirs on the 6th also.

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