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NashvilleChris Valillo At The Nashville Public LibraryApril 8, 2015

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Susan Roethemeyer

Civil Rights Folk Songs

Last week on Tuesday, The Nashville Public Library hosted a special program highlighting the songs of the Civil Rights movement of the Sixties.

Performing the program was Chris Vallillo, a folk musician and personable performer who has worked with various and many state and cultural organizations.

He had a display of four guitars around the microphone, plus a small case which turned out to contain a mandolin.

Every one of those guitars was played on various songs, and he gave an explanation of its history with it.

The songs turned out to be mostly descended from old spirituals, and modified with added lyrics and updated to fit the situation the protesters faced then.

For More, Please Read The April 8 Edition Of The Nashville News.

Civil Rights Folk Songs At The Nashville Public Library

Chris Valillo At The Nashville Public Library.

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