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Ask A PastorApril 8, 2015

By Rev. Beverly Kahle, St. Paul’s UCC

Q. How do I define and interpret “Divine Healing”?

A. In the Bible we have several instances of what is most often termed “divine healing” – healing that occurs spontaneously after prayer or in the instance of the woman with the hemorrhage, just by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. These healings are found in both Old and New Testament and are “done” by a variety of individuals from prophets to the disciples to Jesus. Typically, a divine healing would be one that is attributed to the power of God, usually accompanied at some point with prayer and spiritual disciplining of the one who is the conduit of the healing, (When the disciples were unable to accomplish the casting out of a impure spirit from a young boy, Jesus told them that this type only comes out with much prayer and fasting – Mark, chapter 9), involves a measure of faith on the part of the one healing and often the one being healed, and done to glorify God. These are typical characteristics, but not exclusive or even inclusive! The fact remains that God will heal how and when God heals sometimes with the help of humans and other times in spite of the help of humans!

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Ask A Pastor

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