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Schettler And Niedbalski In STAR Greenhand Competition

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By Kendall Dodson, Chapter Reporter

Mason Niedbalski and Brendon Schettler participated in the Section STAR Greenhand Competition on February 11, 2015.

Mason, a sophomore at Nashville Community High School took home 2nd place in the area of Star Farmer.

His SAEP is Dairy Production Entrepreneurship where he milks and feeds 150 dairy cattle on his family farm in Nashville.

Brendon, also a sophomore at NCHS, placed 2nd in the area of Ag Placement and was interviewed on his Beef Placement, Beef Entrepreneurship and Equine Science Placement SAEP’s.

For his Beef Placement project, he works for a local farmer who owns 100 head of cattle. On a daily basis, Brendon feeds, mixes grain, cleans the barn, and vaccinates when needed. In his Beef Entrepreneurship project he raises three Angus cows and feeds, grooms, and walks them for exercise.

In his Equine Science Placement project he grooms, rides, and trains two of his family’s horses.

The process to get to the section contest involves completing an application on their projects and participating in an interview where they were asked multiple questions about FFA and also about what their project involves and what they do.

Brendon Schettler and Mason Niedbalski

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