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Nashville”Living Space”April 1, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Living Space

Different people live in different sized living spaces.

Some live in small apartments, others in large apartments.

Some live in small trailers, others in large double-wide trailers.

Some live in small houses, some in large houses.

I grew up in a six room house.

It was one and one half stories with a partial basement, and a room sized front porch.

I thought it was a very nice house.

But since Mom always wanted more room, I thought a bigger house would be great.

Sometime after I graduated from college, that dream came true, and Dad purchased an eleven room house a block from where we lived.

I loved that house, and was sad to have to sell it after Dad passed away.

Mom and I moved into a two bedroom apartment, and wasn’t that an adjustment!

It is very hard to downsize from eleven rooms to four rooms, and we are still trying to adjust after three years.

If we just could have transitioned to a six or seven room house with a basement, it would have been just where we had started out from, and we would have come full circle.

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