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Court ReportApril1, 2015

Court Report


Arben L. Milleson II, 44, of O’Fallon, was arrested and was charged with two counts of aggravated battery, a class two felony; one count of obstructing a peace officer and one count of driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs, class A misdemeanors; and one count of illegal transportation of alcohol, all alleged to have occurred on October 12, 2013. On March 19, Milleson appeared in Washington County Court with counsel. On March 27, 2014, Milleson had plead guilty to the aggravated battery count. Per plea negotiations, he was allowed to withdraw that plea. The state amended the first charge to a charge of misdemeanor battery, which he then plead guilty to, along with the count of driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs. For count I, he was sentenced to 12 months of conditional discharge and was fined $750. For the other charge, ge was sentenced to 12 months of court supervision and ordered to pay $1,500 in fines and costs. HE was also ordered to attend the VIP course and to file proof of evaluation by June 4 and proof of counseling by September 3.


Darren L. Vuichard, of Mt. Vernon, was arrested and charged with deceptive practice, a Class A Misdemeanor, alleged to have occurred on June 10, 2014. At a March 24 court appearance, Vuichard appeared and per plea negotiations, plead guilty to the charge. Fines and costs were assessed in the amount $470 and he was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $52.25.

Robert L. Carter, 37, of Lake City, S.C., was arrested on January 13, and was charged with battery for allegedly tackling another individual to the ground. Carter failed to appear in court on February 5 and a warrant was ordered and on a March 10, a bond forfeiture judgment was filed. Notices were returned marked “return to sender.” On March 23, the case was dismissed on a motion of the state. The bench warrant was quashed.

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