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Open House For New Nashville City Street Shed

031115 Nashville Street Shed C.jpg

Nashville City Streets Supervisor Rich Schuette shows that there’s plenty of clearance above the city’s packer trucks at the new city street shed. The trucks would not even fit into the old shed.

By Alex Haglund

The city of Nashville held an open house for the new street shed on Sunday, March 8, from 1 to 3 p.m. The city took possession of the building on January 21.

The new shed is, in a word, spacious. It’s the same length as the old street shed across the street from it, but it has much high ceilings and it is twice as wide.

“We’ve got things spread out in here so that people can walk around it, but there’s plenty more space,” said Street Department Supervisor Rich Schuette.

Schuette said that in the old shed, many vehicle would have to be pulled in and then turned in order to fit.

“You can imagine trying to pull in a door like that and then turn sideways,” Schuette said. “We just didn’t have room.”

Other vehicles, wouldn’t fit at all in the old building.

“The two packer trucks, the recycle truck and the sweeper we couldn’t get inside,” Schuette said. The old building was too short.

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