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Radio Shack Closing? Not In Nashville, Says Haertling

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By Alex Haglund

Electronics retailer RadioShack announced on Thursday, February 5 that they would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring, and that the company would be selling off as many as 2,400 stores to Sprint and likely closing around 2,500 other stores out of a total of 6,000.

What about Nashville’s Haertling Radio Shack?

The closings and liquidations will be of RadioShack company stores and Haertling’s is an independent franchisee, says owner Steve Haertling.

“We own our own business. We own our own building. The employees are ours and we own the stock,” Haertling said. “It’s business as usual, really.”

“If worst comes to worse, it may be called ‘Haertling Electronics,’” Haertling said, but as of now, it will remain a RadioShack.

“Nothing is really going to change,” Haertling stated, adding that products sold through their store, including their services as a Dish and Verizon retailer, were offered independent of RadioShack anyway.

In addition to independent franchisees like Haertling, RadioShack stores in Mexico and Asia will not be affected by the bankruptcy filing.

Haertling RadioShack in Nashville shouldn’t be affected by the RadioShack’s bankruptcy filing.

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