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MFT Funds Resolution Approved By Nashville City Council

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council met on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 5, for their first meeting of the month.

A motor fuel tax (MFT) resolution for 2015 was approved in the amount of $146,552.60. This requests permission from the state of Illinois to use the funds, which will go towards oil, gravel, aggregate and other materials to resurface and patch area roads.

“This is not one of our slack years,” Kolweier commented on the amount of the resolution before the council passed it.

The final pay request to Lake Contracting for the construction of the new city street shed was approved by the council. All of the remaining work on the shed has been completed, including the installation of wash bay lights added on the final change order. The final payment was for $189,046.44.

Holzhauer Drive Lighting

The council heard from Eric Rolf of the Washington County Fair Board who stated that the fair would be turning over lights and transformers along Holzhauer Drive (by the fairgrounds, behind NCHS) to Ameren, and that dusk to dawn lights which had been owned by the fair would not be theirs any longer.

The lights and metering loop, “are costing us between $110 and $150 per month,” said Rolf. “We will go to four meters there. It’s going to save us around $4,000 a year.”

Rolf said that the state of Illinois is “really cutting back,” on the money that county fairs get and, “we’re looking at ways that we can deal with that.”

Rolf did state that if the city did decide to go out and put their own lights on the poles, they would likely need to coordinate with both the fair board and Ameren.

“I don’t think that we’re ready to take any action yet,” said Kolweier. “We’ll check into it and we’ll take it up at the next meeting.”

“We do have some issues down there sometimes with kids,” said Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher, “tearing the roads up or throwing trash around.”

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