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Fire At Traveler’s

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By Alex Haglund

A call went out at 4:41 a.m. Monday morning that Traveler’s Restaurant in DuBois was on fire.

Responding first were the Ashley and Nashville Fire Protection Districts, followed by Tamaroa, then Hoyleton, Irvington and Addieville Fire Protection Districts.

More departments were needed to bring tankers and water to battle the blaze, due to a lack of a water supply at the site. All told, 35 fire fighters were present at the scene.

In addition to those departments, traffic along U.S. Highway 51 was closed off as the fire was being fought. The Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the Illinois State Police directed traffic, and the Washington County Ambulance Service were on scene as well to relieve and treat firefighters if necessary.

Ashley Police Chief Jack Boczek stated that the fire appears to have started in a detached garage and then spread to the restaurant building itself. The blaze is being investigated by the Illinois State Fire Marshall’s office.

Fire fighters were on the scene for about five hours. Later, Ashley Fire Protection District personnel returned to the site to extinguish some fire that was missed the first time, they were there about 45 minutes.

There were no injuries or deaths due to the fire, but the building is a total loss.

A fire started at Traveler’s Restaurant on U.S. Highway 51, in DuBois in the early hours of Monday morning. TOP, a firefighter hoses down hotspots. ABOVE, first responders clean up after the blaze.

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