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Weather Report: A Warm Dry January

By Alex Haglund

January in Nashville was a fairly warm and very dry month, as far as winter goes.

Only 1.68 inches of precipitation fell in total for January. Much of that was on Jan. 3, with 0.64 inches, or on Jan. 12, with 0.72 inches.

There were only trace amounts of snow accumulation during the month.

For temperatures, the lowest observed temperature was a chilly -3 degrees on Jan. 8. Overall though, lows averaged 21.4 degrees.

The highest temperature noted for January was 53 degrees on Jan. 20. Temperatures went into the 50s throughout the month though, with other highs in the 50s on the fourth, 18th, 19th, and 25th.

The average high for the month was 38.2 degrees.

A Warm Dry January

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