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Chamber’s First 2015 Meeting Is A Busy One

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met Wednesday, January 7 for a busy meeting. 

Due to the busy holiday season, they had not met for their second monthly meeting for the past couple of months, but agreed to get back to that schedule to allow time to go over the bylaws and revise them, as they have not been revised for more than a decade. 

New Director, Doris Povolish, told the Board that she was busy cleaning the office and straightening up the storage room. She has also been getting things and lists together for the Membership Drive.

The membership drive committee will meet next week and get the mailings ready. They discussed some comments made during the December meeting about Gutzler’s Donuts closing, but that has since been found to be untrue, as Gutzler’s Donuts will continue to be open and serving the community of Nashville with fresh-made donuts. 

For More, Please Read The January 14 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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