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Website Established For Sailor Gutzler

After Friday night’s plane crash, inquiries began to reach the Gutzler family from those who wished to know what they could do to help Sailor Gutzler.

Since then, a website, built by Prophecy1 of Nashville, has been set up, and is sanctioned by the family as the only legitimate site for donations.

Lopez said that the site was not so much to collect money as it was to give those who knew the family and those who have thoughts for Sailor can have a place to go to. “No one is looking for donations, nobody is expecting donations.”

“We know what happened with the accident,” said Lopez, “but we want to protect their image and remember who they were when they were alive.”

Lopez also stated that another purpose of the site was to keep people away from sites unrelated to the family or scams.

“Somebody took already,” Lopez said. “Now we have to see what we can do to get that name back legally, you know what they’re going to try to do with it.”

Lopez also confirmed that a GoFundMe site was set up immediately after the crash as well, and others have followed. Lopez stated that sites like that seek to use trending search words and public sympathy to make a quick buck.

Prophecy1 began to work on the site at the request of a Gutzler family friend and has worked with the lawyer who has been communicating with the media for the family.

According to Lopez, memorial donations are often handled by the funeral home, but the scope of the coverage regarding this has required a separate entity.

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